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It all starts with a solid plan – that is where we come in.

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It’s not just about money—it’s about your entire life.  

You've worked hard for your money. It is the fuel for living the life you want, and it is our goal to help you achieve that life. 

Our process helps you make financial decisions with confidence that are always relevant to your current circumstances and expectations. Through careful planning of your investments, retirement plans and financial security, we will help you reach your financial goals.

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We pride ourselves in offering sound, honest, financial advice based on education, knowledge and experience to all of our clients.

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Whatever your stage in life, we can help you feel financially assured with a variety of financial products and services to meet your specific needs.

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Your financial life doesn’t have to be complicated. Bookmark this helpful page for your one-stop-shop for your financial tools and Resources.

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Commitment to Value

Our actions are driven by trust, reliability, empathy, prudence, and innovation. We are committed to contributing positively to the quality of our clients’ lives, and their financial future. With respect and confidentiality, we will give priority to your goals and concerns and work exclusively for your benefit.

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John-Gary Aylward Photo John-Gary Aylward Hover Photo

John-Gary Aylward

Mutual Funds Advisor - Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.
Life Insurance Advisor - JGA Wealth Group Ltd.

Experienced Financial Professional with a demonstrated history of working with his client's best interest forefront with transparent fees and service expectations. who provides personalized financial strategy and investment management services to individuals, families, and entrepreneurs. I work with our clients to develop and implement customized financial strategies to help them achieve their financial goals, such as growing their wealth, preserving their assets, and transferring their wealth to future generations. 

The Why - "I enjoy being valued. Being able to manage the complexity of a client’s wealth can be an incredibly personal experience. Teaching people how to reach their goals and then being a part of the process year after year is incredible. I’ve seen some amazing things, like kids growing up to be doctors and people finally taking around-the-world trips. I like being the first call when something big is happening in their lives, or they have a big idea and want help navigating it. You get to know people and their families and their friends. I’ve made some great long-term relationships with people. It’s also a very challenging career choice from an independent business perspective. It’s very competitive, I constantly have to evolve and grow. I get to run and own my business. I get to be a researcher, a student, a teacher, a therapist, a confidante, and a valued professional. It’s a very dynamic profession"



Jakob Reichert Photo Jakob Reichert Hover Photo

Jakob Reichert

Associate Advisor - Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc.

Jakob took the lessons learned from the ice, a former division 1 and professional hockey player, and brought them with him into the world of wealth management. Making it as a high level athlete, Jakob says "discipline and dedication are the pillars of long term success in any field."

After seeing many friends and teammates receive poor financial advice and bad decisions made, Jakob wanted to help others do better. After graduating with his Bachelors in Business Admin with specializations in Finance and international Business, Jakob has been working towards his CFP and CIM to help provide his clients the highest level of service.

"Getting to know clients and understanding their lives is something that brings me great satisfaction." Jakob says, "Every client is unique and being able to build that trust so that we can have a long, prosperous relationship together, is what it is all about". 

Although he may have been a bruiser out on the ice, expect a trustworthy and authentic  individual who will go above and beyond for his clients.

Aim high, Work hard and Love your family.



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Services and Solutions

6-step Retirement Reality Process

STEP 1: Establishing and defining the client-advisor relationship

JGA Wealth Group explains or documents the services to be provided and defines their responsibilities along with the responsibilities of the client. The advisor and client should agree on how long the relationship will last and on how decisions will be made.

STEP 2: Gathering client data and determining goals and expectations

JGA Wealth Group asks about the client's financial situation, personal and financial goals and attitude about risk. The advisor gathers all necessary documents at this stage before giving advice.

STEP 3: Analyzing and evaluating the client's financial status

JGA Wealth Group analyzes client information to assess his or her current situation to determine what must be done to achieve the client's goals. Depending on the services requested, this assessment could include analyzing the client's assets, liabilities and cash flow, current investments or tax strategies.

STEP 4: Developing and presenting the financial strategy recommendations and/or alternatives

JGA Wealth Group offers recommendations that address the client's goals, based on the information the client provided. The advisor reviews the recommendations with the client to allow the client to make informed decisions. The advisor listens to client concerns and revises recommendations as appropriate.

STEP 5: Implementing the financial strategy recommendations

JGA Wealth Group and client agree on how recommendations will be carried out. The advisor may carry out the recommendations for the client or serve as a "coach", coordinating the process with the client and other professionals.

STEP 6: Monitoring the financial strategy recommendations

The client and JGA Wealth Group agree upon who will monitor the client's progress toward goals. If the advisor is involved, they should report to the client periodically to review the situation and adjust recommendations as needed.

Providing the Value of Advice 

Markets are continually changing and understanding how or if it affects you can be overwhelming. That’s why the value of financial advice is more important now than ever before. We aim to help simplify your goals, giving you added confidence in your financial decisions – now and in the future.

Insurance Solutions

It’s not what we have in life, but who we have that matters. With the right Insurance solutions, you can protect the people you care about most with easy-to-understand options that offer peace of mind and put precious time back where it belongs – in your hands. We can provide educated advice and expertise in:

  • Life and Health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Disability and Critical illness protection

Investment Solutions

Whether you’re investing for the first time, saving for the future or embarking on retirement, we can help you enjoy today while you prepare for tomorrow. Save, Invest and grow your wealth with strategies based on your unique priorities. We can provide educated advice and expertise for your needs, including:

  • Registered retirement plans (RRSP, RRIF)
  • Locked-in retirement account (LIRA)
  • Registered education savings plan (RESP)
  • Tax-free savings account (TFSA)

Estate Planning

An estate plan is organizing your financial affairs and providing for the well-being of your family. By planning for tomorrow today, you can retain more of your assets, protect your estate and leave a legacy for your family. Depending on your unique situation, there are different ways to achieve your estate planning goals, including business succession, wills, beneficiary designations, powers of attorney, trusts, tax planning, and charitable gifts.

Try These Estate Planning Tools

Planning for Retirement 

Goals-Based Investing focuses on helping you meet your income goals, not about performing against a stock market. Driven by advanced analytics that illustrate what your retirement spending needs could look like in the future, you can gain confidence in the potential to grow your future income stream.

Whether your focus is travel, leisure, family time or reaching new goals, there’s one factor that plays a role in every successful retirement — good planning.  

Group and Business Solutions

Find simple, cost effective and tax efficient plans to invest your corporate dollars and protect your business. Whether you are a small or large business, we will meet with you to assess your needs and explain your options.

For more information on services and solutions to your financial needs... 

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